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Providing you with peace of mind

So you can live life to the fullest

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CardioforLife® is Dr. Harry’s powerful, great-tasting, heart-boosting formula that synergistically combines a unique blend of vital heart nutrients. It contains a powerful active ingredient that helps you:

1. Control your blood pressure

2. Control your cholesterol levels

3. Control your risk of diabetes

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The Health Guardian provides unique, high-quality, and affordable nutritional supplements that complement a naturalistic, drug-free approach to healthcare and related illnesses. Since 2001 our customers, both consumers and re-sellers, tell us they appreciate how we listen proactively to identify the cause of their health and wellness challenges, and provide them with the guidance and product options that cannot be found anywhere else.


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Client Testimonial

Energy and Stamina
I hope you are doing well. Tim and I are almost though our first container of "Cardio for Life." I personally have seen an increase in energy and stamina. Also, I seem to sleep more soundly at night. Tim has come off of the beta blocker which was causing him roadblocks in his daily functions. His energy level, stamina, and overall outlook has improved drastically.
Jeremy L.
Clots and Phlebitis
I have to tell you that my husband saw the Hematologist/Oncologist today and he was very impressed with my husband's progress or lack of progression of the clots and phlebitis. He told my husband to keep doing faithfully whatever it is that he doing.
Alma C.
Getting off Meds
Could you please send us more cardio for life? Donn just had some blood work done and his LDL is at 120. It is the best it has ever been. He is going off his meds and the doctor will recheck his levels in three months. We have some friends that I hope will be contacting you for product.
Nancy H.
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