Mission Statement

The Health Guardian provides unique, high quality, and affordable nutritional supplements that complement a naturalistic, drug free approach to healthcare and related illnesses. Since 2001 our customers, both consumers, and resellers, tell us they appreciate how we listen proactively to identify the cause of their health and wellness challenges and provide them with the guidance and product options that cannot be found anywhere else.

Vision Statement

The Health Guardian’s vision for healthcare professionals and nutritionally aware individuals is to:

•    Provide education on the latest scientific research regarding nutritional supplements uniquely designed around conquering the causes of cardiovascular disease
•    Provide the highest quality and affordable nutritional supplements to compliment a naturalistic, drug free approach to healthcare and related illnesses
•    Share information about health-related controversial topics and real-life stories of healing

Our Commitment

To help prevent you from dying suddenly due to a heart attack or stroke. We start by helping you control your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and risk of diabetes so you are less dependent on toxic medications. But this is only the beginning. By using Dr. Harry’s CardioForLife®, you will quickly return to feeling great every day.

Our Uniqueness

CardioForLife® is Dr. Harry’s powerful, great tasting, heart boosting formula that synergistically combines a unique blend of vital heart nutrients for people with cardiovascular concerns or issues around the world who want to have peace of mind from having a heart attack in an era when heart disease is still the #1 killer.

Cardioforlife…takes the fear out of heart disease!