Top Five To Stay Alive


September 2013

1)  Is Red Meat Really Bad?

2)  Women Beware Of  This Blood Pressure Drug

3)  Cholesterol Now A Therapy To Treat This Disease

4)  Get A Flu Shot...Get The Flu

5)  Now Look What Popular Food Is Made In China

Top Five To Stay Alive


September 2012

#1 Warning About Supplements

#2 Risk of Dying From Supplement Use

#3 FDA Secretly Spying On Its Own Scientists

#4 FDA Threatens Own Scientists in Mafia Tactics

#5 4th Graders & Statins

Top Five To Stay Alive


September 2014

1)  A Cure For The Ebola Virus

2)  A Dangerous New Sleep Aid...Don't Take This & Drive...The Next Day!

3)  Blood Pressure Numbers Are Dropping...Means No More Meds

4)  Ice Bucket Challenge For Cholesterol Drugs

5)  Making Those Fine Lines Disappear Once & For All

Top Five To Stay Alive


September 2015

1)  NSAIDs and Kidney Failure

2)  Drug Name Mix Ups Can Be Deadly

3)  Rhode Island Forcing HPV Vaccination On 7th Graders

4)  CDC Covers Up Link of Autism and MMR Vaccine

5)  Who's Killing Holistic Healers

Top Five To Stay Alive


September 2016

1)  CBS Lies About Supplements

2)  Zika Virus or Something Worse

3)  Anthrax Vaccine Forced On Our Military With 85% Harmed

4)  Beware of This Meat Tenderizer

5)  Finally a Natural Cure for Kidney Stones

Top Five To Stay Alive


September 2019

1)  Sugar & Spice and All Things Not Nice

2)  Japanese Secret to Weight Loss

3)  Facebook Cracks Down On Natural Cures

4)  Dollars for Docs Exposed

5)  NASA’s Secret Weapon Destroys Diabetes