Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2013

1)  Why Get A 2nd Opinion?

2)  Unnecessary Angioplasties

3)  Heart Surgery In India

4)  Silver To The Rescue

5)  Franken Bladder


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Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2012

#1 FDA approves vaccine by passing its own scientists

#2 GSK $3 billion drug fraud settlement

#3 Dr. Drew illegally pushing off label use of Welbutrin

#4 Avandia leads to heart failure

#5 Actos leads to bladder cancer

Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2014

1)  PSA Test...Positively Stupid Assessment

2)  Why Are HRT Drugs Still Being Pushed On Women

3)  ACE Inhibitors Can Cause Death

4)  Public Unaware of the Dangers of Dental Mercury

5)  Totally Poisonous Pearly Whites

Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2015

1)  Big Bird Promotes Use of Aspartame to Kids

2)  Vaccines for Premature Babies are Deadly

3)  Super Bugs are Here

4)  Fake Outbreak Promoted by CDC

5)  Beware of WebMD

Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2016

1)  A Choice Between A-Fib and Alzheimer's

2)  Proof Doctors Get Paid By Big Pharma

3)  Triple Booking Surgeons

4)  Xolair Could Lead To A Trip to the Morgue

5)  Horseradish...Who Knew

Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2019

1)  Digoxin is a Toxic Poison

2)  These Common Drugs Increase Dementia by 50%

3)  Melt Away Mental Malfunction

4)  Low Cholesterol Leads to Brain Bleeds

5)  Natural Pain Relief

Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2020

1) Corona Virus Myths

2) Aspirin Toxicity Similar to Having a Stroke

3) Should You Get a Flu Shot

4) Beware of Risky Medical Devices

5) Warning to All Dialysis PatientsFear

Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2021

1) Up Your Cholesterol for a Longer Life
2) 4:22 Unnecessary Blood Pressure Pills
3) 8:40 Too Many CT Scans – Too Much Radiation
4) 12:50 Test & Meds Not Needed 20% of the Time
5) 17.20 Xarelto Warning