Top Five To Stay Alive


July 2013

1) FDA Infighting Over ARBs

2) Plavix + Aspirin = Bad News

3) FDA Recognizes Need For Supplements

4) Finally Protection Against  Alzheimer's

5) Dr. Oz vs American Dental Association

Top Five To Stay Alive


July 2012

1) Needless Vaccines

2) MMR Vaccine Does Harm

3) Mumps Vaccine Fraud

4) Vitamin D Attacked

5) Cancer Cure Promotes Cancer

Top Five To Stay Alive


July 2014

1) Adverse Drug Reactions

2) Teen Suicides Increase

3) New insulin delivery system for diabetics

4) No antidote for Pradaxa side effect that can cause death

5) New miracle pill that can cause hair growth in men

Top Five To Stay Alive


July 2015

1)  Say NO to Flonase

2)  Beware of Press Release Medicine

3)  ADDYI...Not So Pretty in Pink

4)  Our CDC Bankrolled by Big Pharma

5)  Why the Purple Pill Leads to Heart Disease

Top Five To Stay Alive


July 2016

1)  Wacky New Weight Loss Device

2)  Beware of Cushing Your Meds

3)  Foreign Drug Manufacturers Create Fraudulent Medical Studies

4)  Men Beware of Bone Scanning Recommendations

5)  Closely Monitor Your Prescription Refills

Top 5 To Stay Alive


July 2019

1)  Baby Aspirin per Day Equals Bad Advice

2)  Is Cologuard Right for You

3)  Urinary tract Infections Solved

4)  Solution for brain Exhaustion

5)  For a Good Night’s Sleep Try This

Top Five To Stay Alive


July 2021

1) Vitamin K is the Forgotten Vitamin
2) 4:40 Trifexis Might Not Be What Your Dog Needs
3) 7:26 Popular Nose Sprays Can Lead to Blindness
4) 11:10 Pop Goes the Weasel
5) 15:00 PBS Lies About Nutritional Supplements