Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2013

  1) Wholesome Milk--Oxymoron

  2) Smart Start--Not So Smart

  3) Splenda--Sweet Misery

  4) Satins & Total Global Amnesia

  5) What Killed Tony Soprano

  News about a personal and affordable heart scanning device called Smart Pulse...available soon!

Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2012

   1)  Radiation piggy bank

   2)  Pills for brain power

   3)  Aspirin at bedtime?

   4)  Flu nasal spray case

   5)  Car accidents no longer #1 cause of injury related deaths

Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2014

  1) FDA Says NO to Aspirin

  2) FDA Rules On Tylenol Safety

  3) Advantame...Another Approved Frankensweetener

  4) Mumps Vaccine Proves Ineffective

  5) Senator McCaskill vs Dr. Oz

Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2015

1)  Big Pharma Wants Total Freedom

2)  Killer Blood Thinner Wants FDA Approval to Expand

3)  Ace Inhibitors Cause Uncontrollable Coughing

4)  New Statin Study Shows Even Worse Results

5)  Beware of Heart Drug that Actually Causes Heart Attacks

Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2016

1)  PPI Drugs Cause Plaque

2)  Dr. Phil Sells Out To Big Pharma

3)  Statin Drugs Are Cellular Poison

4)  Candy Drugs For Toddlers

5)  Big Butts = Big Brains

Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2019

1)  Moving On Out - Finally Constipation Relief

2)  The Benefits of Vitamin K2

3)  TV Prescription Ads Must Now Show Pricing

4)  Beware of Flesh Eating Bacteria While Swimming

5)  Wind Farms Are Hazardous to

Top Five To Stay Alive


July 2020

1) No More J&J Baby Powder

2) People May Need a Brain Disinfectant

3) French Paradox to the Rescue

4) Beware of Singulair for Allergies

5) Drug Induced Brain Bleeds on the Rise

Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2021

1) Dropping the GMO Hot Potato
2) 2:48 Russian Mushroom Destroys Cancer
3) 6:03 Beware of these Meds for Heart Failure
4) 9:06 Victoza & Trulicity Safety Questioned
5) 13:18 Vaccine Induced Smurfs