January 2013

1)  Just Lose It

2)  The Quick Fix

3)  Would You Trade Weight Loss for Cancerous Tumors

4)  It's Just a Baby Aspirin!

5)  Always Get a 2nd Opinion

Top Five To Stay Alive


May 2013

1) Donate Kidney...Loose Insurance Coverage

2) Fish Oil By Prescription

3) Colonoscopy  vs Colonography

4) MMM...Frankencorn

5) New Cure For The Flu

Top Five To Stay Alive


May 2012

Your bi-monthly source of what is happening in the Health Care industry.

This issue:

#1 How safe are vaccines?

#2 Eating fast food leads to depression.

#3 Low LDL leads to cancer.

#4 Pharma Cartel push FDA for self medicating

#5 Victoza does harm to diabetics

Top Five To Stay Alive


May 2014

1) Beware of Zyrtec Withdrawals

2) Way To Go Crestor...Lower IQ

3) Say No To Morcellation Surgery

4) POM Wonderful vs Coke

5) World Health Organization Warns of Global Pandemic

Top Five To Stay Alive


May 2015

1)  Alzheimer Drugs Are Dangerous

2)  Teens Don't Need Cholesterol Drugs

3)  Onglyza and Heart Failure

4)  Diabetes Drugs Now Have Side Benefits

5)  Got Milk...Got Antibiotics

Top Five To Stay Alive


May 2016

1)  Federal Judge Approves Off Label Marketing of Drugs

2)  Actos Leads To Bladder Cancer

3) Tylenol Linked To Asthma In Children

4)  Japan Launches Lawsuit Against Gardasil Makers

5)  Ex FDA Chief Exposed

Top Five To Stay Alive


May 2019

1)  Duke Looses Big Time

2)  New Research Shows Statins Cause Plaque Build Up

3)  Migraine Relief In Minutes

4)  Ending Diabetic Nerve Pain

5)  ADHD Epidemic is a Hoax – Quit Poisoning Our Kids