Top Five To Stay Alive


April 2013

1) The 5 Lies of Psychiatry

2) Type 2 Diabetes Drugs and Pancreatitis

3 1-800-Bad-Drugs

4) New Concept:  Drug Safety Before Efficacy

5) Drug Ads Are Really Public Service Announcements

Top Five To Stay Alive


April 2014

1) Daylight Savings Time and Your Health

2) The Truth About Butter

3) Vegetarians vs Meat Eaters

4) Beware of a New Salt Blocking Drug -- Tenapanor

5) What Do Children Have In Common With Snake Poison?

Top Five To Stay Alive


April 2015

1)  Dangerous Bi-Polar Drug for Children...Saphris

2)  From Tobacco to Agent Orange to Vaccines...We are Constantly Lied To

3)  Mandatory Vaccination for Adults

4)  New Study Shows Statin Drugs Show Very Little Benefit...Big Pharma Lied

5)  Statins Cause Cancer, Diabetes & Atherosclerosis


Top Five To Stay Alive


April 2016

1)  Alzheimer's Cure Based On Worm Study

2)  Bogus Daily Aspirin Study

3)  21st Century Cures Act Is A Killer

4)  FDA Is For Sale

5)  Good News For Coffee Drinkers

Top Five To Stay Alive


April 2019

1)  Regrow Brain Cells

2)  Big Pharma Tricking Seniors

3)  Insurance Companies are as Cold as Ice

4)  Pills that Poison

5)  Hemp to the Rescue