Top Five To Stay Alive


March 2013

1) Sweeter Toxic Milk

2) Drug Approval vs Supplement Approval

3) Blood Pressure Drugs---More Harm Than Good

4) Soldier Suicide An Epidemic

5) Healthcare...Schmealthcare

There is a small glitch in the recording about 2 minutes in...let it play though and it fixes itself.

Top Five To Stay Alive


March 2014

1) Beware of Another Powerful Pain Killer Called Zohydro

2) Subway Says Eat Fresh & Less Rubber In Their Bread

3) Sweetmxy Is Anything But A Sweetener & Anything But Safe

4) Fist Bumping...A Fashion Trend or For Sanitary Reasons?

5) Peanuts To The Rescue That's The Edible Kind

Top Five To Stay Alive


March 2015

1)  Lyrica...Useless Fibromyalgia Drug

2)  Amitiza...Pregnant Women Beware

3)  Risperdal...Never Approved For Children

4)  FDA Disgracefully Allows Sales of Priority Review Vouchers

5)  New Cholesterol Drug Worse Than Statins

Top Five To Stay Alive


March 2016

1)  Beware of 007 In Your Bathroom

2)  Pharmacy Mistakes Can Be Deadly

3)  Just Say No to the Shingles Vaccine

4)  A Cure For IBS

5)  Say Hello to My Little Friend...Viagra Problems

Top Five To Stay Alive


March 2019

1)  Heart Disease on the Rise

2)  American Heart Association Accepts Big Cash from Big Pharma

3)  Diabetes Drugs Cause Cancer

4)  Black Listed Diabetes Cure

5)  Ladies... "Bring Back that Lovin Feelin!"