Top Five To Stay Alive


May 2012

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This issue:

#1 How safe are vaccines?

#2 Eating fast food leads to depression.

#3 Low LDL leads to cancer.

#4 Pharma Cartel push FDA for self medicating

#5 Victoza does harm to diabetics

Top Five To Stay Alive


June 2012

   1)  Radiation piggy bank

   2)  Pills for brain power

   3)  Aspirin at bedtime?

   4)  Flu nasal spray case

   5)  Car accidents no longer #1 cause of injury related deaths

Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2012

#1 FDA approves vaccine by passing its own scientists

#2 GSK $3 billion drug fraud settlement

#3 Dr. Drew illegally pushing off label use of Welbutrin

#4 Avandia leads to heart failure

#5 Actos leads to bladder cancer

Top Five To Stay Alive


October 2012

1.  Ban the Big Gulp!

2.  The Shingles Vaccine...Yes or No?

3.  Chemo...Yes or No?

4.  Legal Drug Pushers

5.  Flu Shot...Yes of No?

Top Five To Stay Alive


November 2012

1)  Enough With the Pink

2)  PSA Test...Yes or No?

3)  War On Cancer

4)  The Cancer Cure

5)  Less Cancer Means Prosperity For All

Top Five To Stay Alive


September 2012

#1 Warning About Supplements

#2 Risk of Dying From Supplement Use

#3 FDA Secretly Spying On Its Own Scientists

#4 FDA Threatens Own Scientists in Mafia Tactics

#5 4th Graders & Statins

Top Five To Stay Alive


December 2012

#1 The Silent Epidemic

#2 Pain Relief Uncovered

#3 Death By Choice

#4 It Can Happen To Anyone

#5 Natural Pain Relief

Top Five To Stay Alive


December 2013

#1 Vitamins Are Worthless

#2 Anti-depressant Scam

#3 Anesthesia Danger

#4 Baby Aspirin Controversy

#5 Chocolate to the Rescue

Top Five To Stay Alive


July 2012

1) Needless Vaccines

2) MMR Vaccine Does Harm

3) Mumps Vaccine Fraud

4) Vitamin D Attacked

5) Cancer Cure Promotes Cancer

Top Five To Stay Alive


December 2014

1)  Baby Boomers & OTC Drugs

2)  What Happens When Taking Multiple Meds/p>

3)  Acetaminophen Warning--Skin Eruptions

4)  Preventative Task Force Says Forget About Vitamin D

5)  Doctor Oz Is Under Attack

Top Five To Stay Alive


December 2015

1)  ICD-10 Code Nightmares

2)  Anti-Mercury Proposal Shot Down by HHS

3)  Surgery Complications Years Later

4)  Teens Dying From Taking Paxil

5)  Statins Are Cellular Poison

Top Five To Stay Alive


December 2016

1)  Beware of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

2)  FDA In Need of a Complete Makeover

3)  Celebrex Safety Questioned

4)  C-Diff Can Be Devastating

5)  Immodium Can Be Dangerous

Top Five To Stay Alive


December 2019

Top 5 To Stay Alive

1) Vitamin P to the Rescue

2) A Boost to the Kidneys

3) How to Beat a Cold Sore

4) Say No to Steroid Shots

5) The Big Cholesterol Hoodwink

Top Five To Stay Alive


December 2020

Top 5 To Stay Alive

1) Good News from the North Pole

2) Flu Shots Do Not Prevent Alzheimer's

3) Invokana Warning Removed

4) Vaccine Timeline Questioned

5) Macho Macho Man