Top Five To Stay Alive


November 2012

1)  Enough With the Pink

2)  PSA Test...Yes or No?

3)  War On Cancer

4)  The Cancer Cure

5)  Less Cancer Means Prosperity For All

Top Five To Stay Alive


November 2013

1)  The Real Skinny On Fat

2)  Alcohol + Tylenol = Kidney Damage

3)  Soda & Pancreatic Cancer Study

4)  Statin Guidelines Change- Not For The Better

5)  Human Cheese...No Kidding

Top Five To Stay Alive


November 2014

1)  Why You Should Buy Organic Turkeys

2)  FDA Green Lights Big Pharma...At Your Expense

3)  Look It's Two, Two Drugs In One

4)  Colleges Adding Prescription Drug Vending Machines

5)  A Cure Is Found For Gulf War Syndrome

Top Five To Stay Alive


November 2015

1)  Antibiotics Can Lead to Life Long Chronic Pain

2)  Beware of Taking Too Many Blood Pressure Meds

3)  Doctor Errors Could Cost You Your Life

4)  Trazodone for Insomnia Can Lead to Some Real Nightmares

5)  Beware: Milk With BLV Leads to Breast Cancer

Top Five To Stay Alive


November 2016

1)  Resveratrol Again to the Rescue

2)  Tylenol Linked to Live Failure

3)  Yosprala Double Trouble

4)  Hillary and My Health Freedom

5)  Trump and My Health Freedom

Top Five To Stay Alive


November 2019

1)  Do This If You Had Chicken Pox

2)  Beware of Flying Pigs

3)  Giving Chemo Drugs to Everyone

4)  Medicare Genetic Test Scam

5)  New Study Shows 2 Nutrients Cut Heart Disease By 50%

Top Five To Stay Alive


May 2020

1) Quercetin Kicks Virus's Butt

2) A Cure for Candida

3) Building Strong Muscles With Whey

4) The Corona Virus Take Away

5) Taking the F-E-A-R Out of Fear

Top Five To Stay Alive


August 2020

1) Vitamin D Conquers Covid-19

2) Beware of Muscle Relaxants

3) Beware of Toothpaste That Breaks Bones

4) The Importance of Taking Probiotics

5) Watermelon Improves Heart Health

Top Five To Stay Alive


November 2020

1) FDA Warns Men of Side Effects from these Drugs

2) 4:00 Should I Get a Flu Shot

3) 7:19 Tamiflu Gives You Flu Like Symptoms

4) 11:23 FDA Ignores Natural Treatments for COVID 19

5) 14:34 Reversing Glaucoma