Top Five To Stay Alive


October 2013

1)  Drug Ads are Opinions & Misleading

2)  Probiotics & Tap Water Don't Mix

3)  Anitbiotics & Cholesterol Medicine Don't Mix

4)  Vitamin D & Calcium Warning

5)  New Cholesterol Product... New Scam


Top Five To Stay Alive


October 2012

1.  Ban the Big Gulp!

2.  The Shingles Vaccine...Yes or No?

3.  Chemo...Yes or No?

4.  Legal Drug Pushers

5.  Flu Shot...Yes of No?

Top Five To Stay Alive


October 2014

1)  Flu shot...Trick or Treat

2)  Need Help To Stop Smoking Chantix to the Rescu...or Not

3)  Xolair Can Be Fatal

4)  Alzheimer's Epidemic Can Easily Be Reversed

5)  Pee In Your Pants or Lose Your Mind

Top Five To Stay Alive


October 2015

1)  California Farmatician Getting the Boot

2)  Cymbalta Withdrawals Are Agonizing

3)  Eliquis Approved With Only Bad Studies

4)  Ivokana Use Leads To Bone Fractures

5)  Canadian Vitamin D RDA's Are Ridiculously Too Low

Top Five To Stay Alive


October 2016

1)  Beware of Sepis

2)  Drug Commercials Masquerading as Public Service Announcements

3)  Don't Use Pradaxa

4)  Rehab Can Be Deadly

5)  Finally a Cure for Alzheimer's and It's Not a Drug

Top Five To Stay Alive


October 2019

1)  Relief for Parkinson's

2)  The Eyes Have It

3)  What Really Killed Neil Armstrong

4)  Antibiotic Causing Valve Leakage

5)  Become a Terrible Host for Parasites

Top Five To Stay Alive


October 2020

1) Treating Numbers Not People

2) 4:46 Carnivores Rejoice

3) 8:21 Another Death From HPV Vaccine

4) 11:57 Kidney Stone Cure

5) 18:25 Preparing for the Next Pandemic