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Top 5 To Stay Alive:

  • 2017
    • January

      1)  Off Label Drugs Are Perfect Storm

      2)  Heart Drug Repatha is a No Brainer

      3)  Top Cancer Drugs Have High Price With Zero Benefit

      4)  Flu Mist is Brain Poison

      5)  Zinc to the Rescue

    • February

      1)  Tamiflu is a Scam

      2)  Too Many Diabetes Drugs

      3)  Beware of Coffee Gobbling Bacteria

      4)  Bladder Cancer & Vitamin D

      5)  Finally Overpriced Drugs Comes Under Investigation

    • March

      1)  Alzheimer's or Over Medicated

      2)  Celebrex is not a Cure For Cancer

      3)  MiraLax Poisoning

      4)  WIFI Devices & Mercury Amalgams Not a Good Mix

      5)  Newsweek Advocates IV Vitamin C for Cancer

    • April

      1)  Network News In Bed With Big Pharma

      2)  Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Still A Bad Idea

      3)  Neudexta For Men Crying...Not

      4)  Baldness Cure or Worse

      5)  When Fainting Was Trendy

    • May

      1)  New Gout Drug is a Killer

      2)  CDC Proposes New Travel Ban

      3)  Antibiotics Causing Aneurisms

      4)  Antidepressants & Heart Failure & Don't MIx

      5)  Clarithromycin Leads to Drug Induced Insanity

    • June

      1)  The CDC's 200 Million Dollar Con Job

      2)  Stealth Liver Disease on the Rise

      3)  Beware of Viberzi

      4)  Digoxin Can Kill You

      5)  Pre-diabetes Is a Hoax

  • 2016
    • January

      1)  Beware of the Salt Police

      2)  Worm Study Proves Metfromin is What???

      3)  Phenylephrine Does Not Work in Cold Medicine

      4)  Are Cardiologists Dangerous?

      5)  The Wild West in New Heart Surgery

    • February

      1)  PBS Does Hit Piece On Supplements

      2)  Beware of Meat Glue

      3)  Fluad Is A Killer

      4)  Why Tuberculosis Is On the Rise

      5)  Untimely Death Of An Eagle...Glenn Frey

    • March

      1)  Beware of 007 In Your Bathroom

      2)  Pharmacy Mistakes Can Be Deadly

      3)  Just Say No to the Shingles Vaccine

      4)  A Cure For IBS

      5)  Say Hello to My Little Friend...Viagra Problems

    • April

      1)  Alzheimer's Cure Based On Worm Study

      2)  Bogus Daily Aspirin Study

      3)  21st Century Cures Act Is A Killer

      4)  FDA Is For Sale

      5)  Good News For Coffee Drinkers

    • May

      1)  Federal Judge Approves Off Label Marketing of Drugs

      2)  Actos Leads To Bladder Cancer

      3) Tylenol Linked To Asthma In Children

      4)  Japan Launches Lawsuit Against Gardasil Makers

      5)  Ex FDA Chief Exposed

    • June

      1)  PPI Drugs Cause Plaque

      2)  Dr. Phil Sells Out To Big Pharma

      3)  Statin Drugs Are Cellular Poison

      4)  Candy Drugs For Toddlers

      5)  Big Butts = Big Brains

    • July

      1)  Wacky New Weight Loss Device

      2)  Beware of Cushing Your Meds

      3)  Foreign Drug Manufacturers Create Fraudulent Medical Studies

      4)  Men Beware of Bone Scanning Recommendations

      5)  Closely Monitor Your Prescription Refills

    • August

      1)  A Choice Between A-Fib and Alzheimer's

      2)  Proof Doctors Get Paid By Big Pharma

      3)  Triple Booking Surgeons

      4)  Xolair Could Lead To A Trip to the Morgue

      5)  Horseradish...Who Knew

    • September

      1)  CBS Lies About Supplements

      2)  Zika Virus or Something Worse

      3)  Anthrax Vaccine Forced On Our Military With 85% Harmed

      4)  Beware of This Meat Tenderizer

      5)  Finally a Natural Cure for Kidney Stones

    • October

      1)  Beware of Sepis

      2)  Drug Commercials Masquerading as Public Service Announcements

      3)  Don't Use Pradaxa

      4)  Rehab Can Be Deadly

      5)  Finally a Cure for Alzheimer's and It's Not a Drug

    • November

      1)  Resveratrol Again to the Rescue

      2)  Tylenol Linked to Live Failure

      3)  Yosprala Double Trouble

      4)  Hillary and My Health Freedom

      5)  Trump and My Health Freedom

    • December

      1)  Beware of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

      2)  FDA In Need of a Complete Makeover

      3)  Celebrex Safety Questioned

      4)  C-Diff Can Be Devastating

      5)  Immodium Can Be Dangerous

  • 2015
    • January

      1)  Compare Death Rates --- Vitamins to Drugs

      2)  Miralax Warning for Children

      3)  FDA Approves New Diet Pill Saxenda = Victoza at Double the Dose = Double the Harm

      4)  Orphan Drug Status of Hetlioz Puts Millions In Harms Way

      5)  We Need A Do-Over When It Comes to ADHD Drugs

    • March

      1)  Lyrica...Useless Fibromyalgia Drug

      2)  Amitiza...Pregnant Women Beware

      3)  Risperdal...Never Approved For Children

      4)  FDA Disgracefully Allows Sales of Priority Review Vouchers

      5)  New Cholesterol Drug Worse Than Statins

    • April

      1)  Dangerous Bi-Polar Drug for Children...Saphris

      2)  From Tobacco to Agent Orange to Vaccines...We are Constantly Lied To

      3)  Mandatory Vaccination for Adults

      4)  New Study Shows Statin Drugs Show Very Little Benefit...Big Pharma Lied

      5)  Statins Cause Cancer, Diabetes & Atherosclerosis

    • May

      1)  Alzheimer Drugs Are Dangerous

      2)  Teens Don't Need Cholesterol Drugs

      3)  Onglyza and Heart Failure

      4)  Diabetes Drugs Now Have Side Benefits

      5)  Got Milk...Got Antibiotics

    • June

      1)  Big Pharma Wants Total Freedom

      2)  Killer Blood Thinner Wants FDA Approval to Expand

      3)  Ace Inhibitors Cause Uncontrollable Coughing

      4)  New Statin Study Shows Even Worse Results

      5)  Beware of Heart Drug that Actually Causes Heart Attacks

    • July

      1)  Say NO to Flonase

      2)  Beware of Press Release Medicine

      3)  ADDYI...Not So Pretty in Pink

      4)  Our CDC Bankrolled by Big Pharma

      5)  Why the Purple Pill Leads to Heart Disease

    • August

      1)  Big Bird Promotes Use of Aspartame to Kids

      2)  Vaccines for Premature Babies are Deadly

      3)  Super Bugs are Here

      4)  Fake Outbreak Promoted by CDC

      5)  Beware of WebMD

    • September

      1)  NSAIDs and Kidney Failure

      2)  Drug Name Mix Ups Can Be Deadly

      3)  Rhode Island Forcing HPV Vaccination On 7th Graders

      4)  CDC Covers Up Link of Autism and MMR Vaccine

      5)  Who's Killing Holistic Healers

    • October

      1)  California Farmatician Getting the Boot

      2)  Cymbalta Withdrawals Are Agonizing

      3)  Eliquis Approved With Only Bad Studies

      4)  Ivokana Use Leads To Bone Fractures

      5)  Canadian Vitamin D RDA's Are Ridiculously Too Low

    • November

      1)  Antibiotics Can Lead to Life Long Chronic Pain

      2)  Beware of Taking Too Many Blood Pressure Meds

      3)  Doctor Errors Could Cost You Your Life

      4)  Trazodone for Insomnia Can Lead to Some Real Nightmares

      5)  Beware: Milk With BLV Leads to Breast Cancer

    • December

      1)  ICD-10 Code Nightmares

      2)  Anti-Mercury Proposal Shot Down by HHS

      3)  Surgery Complications Years Later

      4)  Teens Dying From Taking Paxil

      5)  Statins Are Cellular Poison

  • 2014
    • September

      1)  A Cure For The Ebola Virus

      2)  A Dangerous New Sleep Aid...Don't Take This & Drive...The Next Day!

      3)  Blood Pressure Numbers Are Dropping...Means No More Meds

      4)  Ice Bucket Challenge For Cholesterol Drugs

      5)  Making Those Fine Lines Disappear Once & For All

    • August

      1)  PSA Test...Positively Stupid Assessment

      2)  Why Are HRT Drugs Still Being Pushed On Women

      3)  ACE Inhibitors Can Cause Death

      4)  Public Unaware of the Dangers of Dental Mercury

      5)  Totally Poisonous Pearly Whites

    • July

      1) Adverse Drug Reactions

      2) Teen Suicides Increase

      3) New insulin delivery system for diabetics

      4) No antidote for Pradaxa side effect that can cause death

      5) New miracle pill that can cause hair growth in men

    • June

        1) FDA Says NO to Aspirin

        2) FDA Rules On Tylenol Safety

        3) Advantame...Another Approved Frankensweetener

        4) Mumps Vaccine Proves Ineffective

        5) Senator McCaskill vs Dr. Oz

    • May

      1) Beware of Zyrtec Withdrawals

      2) Way To Go Crestor...Lower IQ

      3) Say No To Morcellation Surgery

      4) POM Wonderful vs Coke

      5) World Health Organization Warns of Global Pandemic

    • April

      1) Daylight Savings Time and Your Health

      2) The Truth About Butter

      3) Vegetarians vs Meat Eaters

      4) Beware of a New Salt Blocking Drug -- Tenapanor

      5) What Do Children Have In Common With Snake Poison?

    • March

      1) Beware of Another Powerful Pain Killer Called Zohydro

      2) Subway Says Eat Fresh & Less Rubber In Their Bread

      3) Sweetmxy Is Anything But A Sweetener & Anything But Safe

      4) Fist Bumping...A Fashion Trend or For Sanitary Reasons?

      5) Peanuts To The Rescue That's The Edible Kind

    • February

      1)  CDC Does Salt Scare

      2)  Remember To Ask Your Doctor

      3)  ADA Recommends Fluoride For Babies

      4)  FDA Approves Farxiga For Diabetes After 3 Years...Why?

      5)  Olestra Warning: Loose As A Goose

    • December

      1)  Baby Boomers & OTC Drugs

      2)  What Happens When Taking Multiple Meds/p>

      3)  Acetaminophen Warning--Skin Eruptions

      4)  Preventative Task Force Says Forget About Vitamin D

      5)  Doctor Oz Is Under Attack

    • November

      1)  Why You Should Buy Organic Turkeys

      2)  FDA Green Lights Big Pharma...At Your Expense

      3)  Look It's Two, Two Drugs In One

      4)  Colleges Adding Prescription Drug Vending Machines

      5)  A Cure Is Found For Gulf War Syndrome

    • October

      1)  Flu shot...Trick or Treat

      2)  Need Help To Stop Smoking Chantix to the Rescu...or Not

      3)  Xolair Can Be Fatal

      4)  Alzheimer's Epidemic Can Easily Be Reversed

      5)  Pee In Your Pants or Lose Your Mind

    • January

      1)  Vitamin Safety vs Drug Safety

      2)  When Prescription Drugs Become Over The Counter Drugs

      3)  3D Liver Testing For Drug Approvals

      4)  AMA Supports Vitamin E For Alzheimer's Patients

      5)  Too Many Pregnant Women Taking Prescription Drugs

    • SmartPulse
  • 2013
    • September

      1)  Is Red Meat Really Bad?

      2)  Women Beware Of  This Blood Pressure Drug

      3)  Cholesterol Now A Therapy To Treat This Disease

      4)  Get A Flu Shot...Get The Flu

      5)  Now Look What Popular Food Is Made In China

    • August

      1)  Why Get A 2nd Opinion?

      2)  Unnecessary Angioplasties

      3)  Heart Surgery In India

      4)  Silver To The Rescue

      5)  Franken Bladder


      Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

    • July

      1) FDA Infighting Over ARBs

      2) Plavix + Aspirin = Bad News

      3) FDA Recognizes Need For Supplements

      4) Finally Protection Against  Alzheimer's

      5) Dr. Oz vs American Dental Association

    • June

        1) Wholesome Milk--Oxymoron

        2) Smart Start--Not So Smart

        3) Splenda--Sweet Misery

        4) Satins & Total Global Amnesia

        5) What Killed Tony Soprano

        News about a personal and affordable heart scanning device called Smart Pulse...available soon!

    • May

      1) Donate Kidney...Loose Insurance Coverage

      2) Fish Oil By Prescription

      3) Colonoscopy  vs Colonography

      4) MMM...Frankencorn

      5) New Cure For The Flu

    • April

      1) The 5 Lies of Psychiatry

      2) Type 2 Diabetes Drugs and Pancreatitis

      3 1-800-Bad-Drugs

      4) New Concept:  Drug Safety Before Efficacy

      5) Drug Ads Are Really Public Service Announcements

    • March

      1) Sweeter Toxic Milk

      2) Drug Approval vs Supplement Approval

      3) Blood Pressure Drugs---More Harm Than Good

      4) Soldier Suicide An Epidemic

      5) Healthcare...Schmealthcare

      There is a small glitch in the recording about 2 minutes in...let it play though and it fixes itself.

    • February

      1)  The Fly & Me

      2)  FDA is  Rushing Drug Approvals

      3)  Drug Companies Flipping Coins

      4)  Bereavement Is Now A Mental Disorder

      5)  Pepsi Kickstart...Juice or Soda?

    • December

      #1 Vitamins Are Worthless

      #2 Anti-depressant Scam

      #3 Anesthesia Danger

      #4 Baby Aspirin Controversy

      #5 Chocolate to the Rescue

    • November

      1)  The Real Skinny On Fat

      2)  Alcohol + Tylenol = Kidney Damage

      3)  Soda & Pancreatic Cancer Study

      4)  Statin Guidelines Change- Not For The Better

      5)  Human Cheese...No Kidding

    • October

      1)  Drug Ads are Opinions & Misleading

      2)  Probiotics & Tap Water Don't Mix

      3)  Anitbiotics & Cholesterol Medicine Don't Mix

      4)  Vitamin D & Calcium Warning

      5)  New Cholesterol Product... New Scam


    • January

      1)  Just Lose It

      2)  The Quick Fix

      3)  Would You Trade Weight Loss for Cancerous Tumors

      4)  It's Just a Baby Aspirin!

      5)  Always Get a 2nd Opinion

  • 2012
    • September

      #1 Warning About Supplements

      #2 Risk of Dying From Supplement Use

      #3 FDA Secretly Spying On Its Own Scientists

      #4 FDA Threatens Own Scientists in Mafia Tactics

      #5 4th Graders & Statins

    • August

      #1 FDA approves vaccine by passing its own scientists

      #2 GSK $3 billion drug fraud settlement

      #3 Dr. Drew illegally pushing off label use of Welbutrin

      #4 Avandia leads to heart failure

      #5 Actos leads to bladder cancer

    • July

      1) Needless Vaccines

      2) MMR Vaccine Does Harm

      3) Mumps Vaccine Fraud

      4) Vitamin D Attacked

      5) Cancer Cure Promotes Cancer

    • June

         1)  Radiation piggy bank

         2)  Pills for brain power

         3)  Aspirin at bedtime?

         4)  Flu nasal spray case

         5)  Car accidents no longer #1 cause of injury related deaths

    • May

      Your bi-monthly source of what is happening in the Health Care industry.

      This issue:

      #1 How safe are vaccines?

      #2 Eating fast food leads to depression.

      #3 Low LDL leads to cancer.

      #4 Pharma Cartel push FDA for self medicating

      #5 Victoza does harm to diabetics

    • December

      #1 The Silent Epidemic

      #2 Pain Relief Uncovered

      #3 Death By Choice

      #4 It Can Happen To Anyone

      #5 Natural Pain Relief

    • November

      1)  Enough With the Pink

      2)  PSA Test...Yes or No?

      3)  War On Cancer

      4)  The Cancer Cure

      5)  Less Cancer Means Prosperity For All

    • October

      1.  Ban the Big Gulp!

      2.  The Shingles Vaccine...Yes or No?

      3.  Chemo...Yes or No?

      4.  Legal Drug Pushers

      5.  Flu Shot...Yes of No?

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